Watch Your Mouth!

Some auto drivers are downright scum of the society. They should be hanged by their gonads.

Time: 3 am

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

State: Not drunk, just happy high.

*NM, SH and me were heading to NM’s house after a wild goose chase*

Me: Let’s take an auto!

NM: Yeah, makes sense!

*I flag down an auto*

Auto Guy: Where to?

Me: Victoria Layout!

Auto Guy: How many people?

Me: Three. How much?

Auto Guy: 200!

Me: Mad or what? It’s hardly five kilometers from here!

Auto Guy: Sir, it’s late. This is a good price!

Me: The rule says one and a half meter after 10 pm, I’ll pay you double meter!

Auto Guy: Sir, that would extra for you! It’ll be 120 on the meter plus double! I’m quoting less!

Me: Then it’s a win-win situation! If it’s extra like you claim, you get the extra money!

Auto Guy: Fine! Get in!

*Halfway through. the auto guy stops for a smoke and switches the meter off*

*When he started the auto. the meter hadn’t come on. The meter said INR 21 at that point*

Me: Dude! Your meter isn’t working!

Auto Guy: Oh, let me check!

*He ‘inspects’ the meter*

Auto Guy: It’s not working! It’s gets cold in the night and then the meter becomes cold and doesn’t work! *BS ALERT*

Me: Hmmmmm….

*We reach our destination*

Me: How much?

Auto Guy: Sir, whatever you think is right…

Me: The meter said 21 about two kilometers back…. Fine, take a hundred!

SH: Wait! What’s this button?

*Clicks on a button near the meter*

*The meter switches on, displaying INR 30*

Me: Fine, 30 x 2 = 60, take the hundred!

Auto Guy: Whoa! Why hundred?

Me: Are you mad or something?

Auto Guy: Give me 200 hundred!

Me: For what joy?

Auto Guy: That was the deal!

Me: Hello! The deal was double on the meter. I’m being generous over here!

Auto Guy: The meter stopped working!

SH: Because you switched it off!

Auto Guy: I want my 200!

Me: Stop eating my head, here’s a hundred!

Auto Guy: Don’t create a scene! I want my two hundred!

Me: Do I look like a c****? The distance is not even five km and I know the rates!


Me: Here’s a hundred! Bye!

Auto Guy: Keep your money! I don’t want it!

Me: Fine. Suit yourself. Bye.

Auto Guy: WTF!!!

*And thus I enter the house and lock the door behind me*



In behind the scenes of the story, the driver started creating a ruckus and then a 6ft tall JK stepped out the house, threw the hundred on his face and threatened to beat the living daylights out of the auto guy, after which he ran away (Auto guy, not JK) (Just clarifying).

One thought on “Watch Your Mouth!

  1. I had a similar incident wherein the autowala refused to take the exact fare when I refused to give him anything extra. The only difference is even though he yelled, nobody in my society came out to give him the money 😛

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