The Pick Up Artist – 2

Same shit. Different day.

Location: Sexy lounge place

Setting: Me and a couple of drunk Russian babes. Like drunk drunk.

Me: Hello ladies!

Ladies: Hello!

Me: So where are you lovely ladies from?

Babe#1: Serbia!

Babe#2: St. Petersburg!

Babe#3: Moscow!

Me: Nice. Russia has some nice beauties!

Ladies: Hehehehehe (You know how drunk chicks giggle)

Me: Allow me to entertain you all in some Russian!

Ladies: Yay!

Me: Allo!

Ladies: Hehehehehe!

Me: Kak dela! 

Ladies: Oh la la la… 

Me: Dasvidaniya!

Ladies: Hehehehe! Bye to you too! Nice meeting you!

*And they scooted off*

Me: Whaaaaa?



Ofcourse, that’s not really what happened. But it would be awesome if it did. 🙂

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