Stop Talking To Me!

I was in office and I was stalking people on Facebook. I was looking at a group photo of a friend of mine. I didn’t realize that a colleague of mine was looking over my shoulder.

Her: Oh, you know blah blah is it?

Me: Huh? 

Her: That woman in the pic!

Me: Oh, no no… I know this chick, I guess they are friends. 

Her: Ah ok… 

Me: Small world, right?

Her: Yeah…. 

*After five mins*

Her: She works at Blah Blah Firm!

Me: Errrrrrr, ok….

*After five mins*

Her: She works as a Catalouge Manager! 

Me: Ummmmm, ok…. Not that I asked….

*After five mins*

Her: She’s married, by the way!

Me: Ok……

*After five mins*

Her: Her husband works at Blah Blah Firm!

Me: Dude! 

Her: What?

Me: Stop talking to me! Stop stalking me!

Her: What did I do wrong? I’m just telling you interesting facts!

Me: #FML! 



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