Say It Isn’t So!

I moved back with my parents last month.

Most Weekends:

Parents: What are your plans for the weekend?

Me: I guess I’ll go out partying on Saturday with the gang.

Parents: Will you  be back late in the night?

Me: No, I think I’ll crash at NM’s or JK’s place!

Parents: We think that you should spend more time at home. You are never around!

Me: I’m always here! From Monday to Saturday!

Parents: Yeah, but you’re at work the whole day and once you’re back, you’re locked up inside your room. You don’t come and talk to us. 

Me: Jeez! We’re not having this conversation again!

Parents: Stop treating our house like a hotel! You never help around with the chores! 

And this goes on and on……

This Weekend:

Parents: What’s your weekend plan?

Me: No plans. Planning to stay at home.

Parents: Oh…..

Me: Why what happened?

Parents: Well, one of our family friends will be coming for dinner on Saturday and they will be staying back.

Me: So?

Parents: So if you’re not here, they can probably take your room.

Me: What’s wrong with the guest room? 

Parents: The bed will be a bit too small. There are three of them.

Me: Hmmmm and? 

Parents: So if you could make yourself scarce this weekend, it’ll be good!

Me: Jeez! There’s no pleasing you people!





2 thoughts on “Say It Isn’t So!

  1. Lol, SERIOUSLY FUNNY.. I don’t know what I like more.. the convo or the picture..

    I have a feeling i am gonna stalk your blog shamelessly 😛 I hope you’ve your drawers locked 🙂

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