Croc Me Not!

Recently JK had been borrowing a lot of clothes from me and had collected enough clothes that I could literally move into his house.

Anyhow, this was the topic of conversation with my friend, DP.

Me: Yeah man, he’s been borrowing clothes from me non-stop!

DP: Then why do you lend him your clothes? 

Me: Well, he stays overnight and the next day he needs some change of clothes. So I let him take it but he doesn’t return it. 

DP: Hahaha! What all has he taken? 

Me: My Superman T-shirt, my Bitch Please T-shirt, my crocs…..

DP: Your what? Crocs?

Me: Yeah, my crocs!

DP: Ewwwww! You have crocs?

Me: Yeah, why?

DP: No wonder you’re single!

Me: #FML! 




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