You Asked For It!

When we had just shifted to our new apartment in Bangalore, our kitchen wasn’t ready for us to use. During those days, I used to get dinner on my way back from office. I would be back from office at around 8 pm, so the timing suited everyone.

Anyhow, one day I got late as my meeting ran longer than I had anticipated. The meeting ended at 10:30 pm and I had to rush home fast as my parents were hungry. At a turning near my house, I overtook  a car from the left side. By my own admission, it was a very safe maneuver but the lady at the wheel probably got freaked out.

As luck would have it, she also stayed in the same apartment. After I had parked my car, I found her waiting near my parking lot. Man, she looked like she could kill someone!

Her: Excuse me!

Me: Yeah?

Her: Are you in a hurry?

 Me: Errrrrr, actually yes! 

*I continued to to collect my things from the car and not paying her too much attention*

Her: Excuse me, what did you say?

Me: I just replied to your question!

Her: How can you say something like that?

Me: You asked me a question and I replied! What wrong with that?

*I continued doing what I was doing*

*She just stood there*

Me: Yes, can I help you with something?

*Shakes her head*

She: This generation! 

Me: Yes, sucks doesn’t it? 




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