Thick As A Wall!

My dad at times is as thick as a wall. I think it’s due to mid life crisis. My mom calls it man-o-pause. According to her, similar to menopause, men undergo a this where they go all crabby and cranky at everything. They start regretting all the things they haven’t done in life such driving a Ferrari convertible through the streets of Monaco or sailing on a yacht off the coast of Ibiza.

Location: At home

Time: After a long day at work


Me: Guess what happened in office today?

Dad: You guys got that big client on board?

Me: Even better!

Dad: You guys got two big clients on board?

Me: Meh! The microwave in the office exploded!

Dad: What? How?

Me: Someone decided to boil an egg and they put it the whole egg!

Dad: And?

Me: The microwave exploded!

Dad: What you mean exploded?

Me: It exploded! The glass dish was shattered and the door was blown off the hinge!

Dad: How it the glass break?

Me: Because the egg exploded!

Dad: How is that possible?

Me: I dunno! Apparently you’re not supposed to boil eggs in the microwave.

Dad: Alright.

Me: You should have seen the mess! The egg and shiz was all over the kitchen floor!

Dad: You seem very excited at the thought of the broken microwave!

Me: Jeez! Who died and made the king of party-pooper-ville?

Dad: Errrr?



This was written as a part of Indiblogger and Cadbury Five Star‘s #ConditionSeriousHai contest.

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