The Transporter!

Lately drinking and driving on a Saturday in Bangalore is a b**** female dog. There are police barricades near the CBD and DUI checks are on in full power. They usually check based on profiles as opposed to checking everyone. For example if I were driving with my parents, no matter how drunk, I won’t be flagged down. However, if I were with my friends, no matter how sober, I’ll still be stopped. They don’t check women, FYI.

Anyhow, AS and PGI were at Monkey Bar on a Saturday and as luck would have it, there was a barricade on their way back home. The police stopped his car, asked him blow into the alco-meter and it went off. So they asked him to stepped outside the car to pay the fine. Now, there’s always a way to bypass the law. You can either choose to pay INR 3000.00 fine and collect your vehicle the next day or pay whatever bribe you can manage to bargain with the cops and leave. AS decided to do just that but after they had taken down his details, the top cop refused to talk to him and asked him to wait. Tired of waiting and since PGI was in the car, AS decided to drive off. As per his version, he was heading to the ATM to pick up money. Anyhow,  he was driving away, he got a call from the cop who had stopped him.

Cop: So you’ve decided to abscond?

AS: No sir, I’m on my way to the ATM to pick up money.

Cop: That’s what everyone says! If you’re not there at the Ashok Nagar police station in the next 30 mins, I’m slapping case a against you!

AS: I’ll be there.

At the ATM, AS smartly used a card which had only INR 1500.00 on it and withdrew the whole thing. He landed at the police station and the cop asked him wait in the jail cell. All this while PGI was waiting in the car. After making him wait for nearly another hour, the cop went upto AS.

Cop: So you tried to run away, huh? 

AS: No sir, as I said, I was at the ATM!

Cop: You’ll have to pay a fine!

AS: Sir this is all I have! Here’s my ATM slip! See, there’s only INR 1500.00 there! 

Cop: Fine. Give me that! Now go wait in the jail cell again. 

AS: What?!

Cop: Don’t argue with me!

AS: Okay…..

*After another 30 mins*

Cop: You may leave now.

AS: Thank you.

Cop: Leave through the back entrance.

AS: Alright….

*AS finally got back the car*

*The whole would have lasted for about two hours*

PGI: What was all that about? What took you so long?

AS: Nothing man, they just made me wait. 

PGI: You know they don’t check women right?

AS: Yeah I know!

PGI: So you should have let me drive no? 

AS: You know how to drive???!

PGI: Yeah, of course I can drive!

AS: Couldn’t you have told me that when we were leaving Monkey Bar????

PGI: Errrrrr, I forgot!?

AS: #Facepalm!




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