Sock It Up!

I had been noticing that CG happened to wear the same pair of socks since June 2012. I wasn’t sure whether all his socks were the same color or if he just had only one pair of those god awful socks.


Me: Dude!

CG: What?

Me: Is it just me or do you actually have only one pair of socks?

CG: Errrrrr… I just have this one pair!

Me: Ha! Knew it! 

CG: So?

Me: Why on earth do you Earth do you have only one pair of sock?

CG: As opposed to having multiple pairs on Mars? 😛

Me: Don’t be a c***! Tell!

CG: I dunno! I don’t have money!

Me: Dude! A pair is about 100 bucks! Don’t smoke for a week and you’d have money for your socks!

CG: No time to buy them! 

Me: Stop giving excuses! Just buy them off Myntra or Jabong! You’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for eternity. See, it’s even changed color!

CG: I don’t wanna buy socks online!

Me: Stop being such a wuss about it! The GOSF is around the corner. Buy it then! 

CG: Jeez! Fine! If it gets you to stop nagging then I will! 

*CG buys a pair of socks during the GOSF*

*After a month, I noticed that CG was still wearing his old socks*

Me: Didn’t you buy new socks recently?

CG: Yeah, I did!

Me: Why aren’t you wearing them?

CG: Cos they don’t fit me!

Me: What do you mean?

CG: The socks are small for me. I brought the wrong size.

Me: Socks come in a single size! What are you talking about?

CG: Here, I’ll show you!

*CG wears his newly brought socks and show it me. The sock comes till his ankle*

CG: See, it’s doesn’t fit. It’s too small!

*I’m on the floor laughing*

Me: It’s an ankle sock, you dumbf***!

CG: A what?

Me: An ankle sock, it’s supposed to only come till your ankle!

CG: Ah ok….. Don’t tell anyone ok?

Me: Sure, why not?





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