Single Bells, Single Bells, Single All The Way!

This post is dedicated to my fan, Abhishek Singhal.

One fine day.

CG: Dude!

Me: Yeah?

CG: Who’s this guy who keeps on liking your tweets?

Me: Oh, that’s Abhishek. He’s a fan.

CG: Ah, ok.. His last name his Singhal.

Me: Ok so?

CG: How do you pronounce it?

Me: I guess, single….

CG: So is he single? That’s why his last name is Singhal?

Me: Hahaha… I dunno… Maybe?

CG: So if he gets a girlfriend, will he still be called Abhishek Singhal? 

Me: Hahaha… C****!

CG: Maybe he’ll call himself Abhi-Not Singhal!

Me: Hahahaha! Let’s ask him!



Sorry bro, I think we’re really high when we had this conversation!

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