Huge Jacked Man!

Location: Hall

Setting: Lazy Sunday evening and all of us are in the hall, drinking bhang. Yes, I make bhang even when it’s not Holi. I’m cool like that.


All of us were zoned out.

Me: You know…. I can’t believe that this guy is the new brand ambassador for these people.

MS: Whom are you talking about? What are you talking about?

Me: Dude…….. This guy man! He comes in that movie!

CG: Which movie?

Me: That movie with the…….

MS: With the what….?

Me: Errrrrr…. I forgot!

CG: You c****!

Me: Yeah……

*After 10 mins*

Me: That’s the name! Jack Hughman! He’s the new brand ambassador for Micromax!

MS: Ah… Ok…!

*After 5 mins*

CG: Isn’t it Hugh Jackman?!?

Me: Oh yeah…. Yeah….. It is!

Everyone: How stoned are you?

Me: Apparently very much! Let’s all have another glass!

Everyone: Cheers!




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