Curiosity Kills The Cat!

DR calls me up. Like most women she has to ask me stuff when I’m in the middle of something.

DR: What you doing?

Me: Nothing much. Just chilling.

DR: Then why aren’t you messaging me?

Me: That because I’m in the middle of something!

DR: But you just said that you’re chilling!

Me: Jeez! I multitask!

DR: Fine! So what are you doing?

Me: Don’t ask.

DR: Why not?

Me: Just don’t.

DR: Tell me!

Me: No!

DR: Tell me!

Me: No!

DR: Tell me or else I won’t stop bugging you!

Me: Fine! I’m in the middle of asking this girl to send me topless pictures of herself!

DR: You what?

Me: Didn’t you read the text properly?

DR: You’re such a cheap guy! How can you ask a girl for her topless photo? And who is this skank?

Me: I told you not to ask what I was doing!

DR: But I thought you wanted me to ask you, that’s you told me not to ask!

Me: Huh? That doesn’t even make sense!

DR: When you said not to ask, you got me all curious!

Me: Good lord!

DR: Who’s the chick?

Me: Don’t ask!

DR: Tell no!

Me: Not this sh*t again!





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