Catch ‘Em Young!

My bro studied in one of the ka-zillion international schools in Bangalore. Actually wait, the poshest international school in Bangalore. Going to an international school has it’s perks; the campus, the course and of course – the babes. But I can’t say much on this otherwise my blog might be flagged down due to inappropriate content.

Anyhow, I digress

I was at my AS’s place.

*GS walks in*

GS: Hey!

Me: Yo!

GS: Wassup?

Me: Been good! You?

GS: Same old, same old. By the way, I saw your brother on the road earlier today!

Me: Oh yeah? Where?

GS: Near Brigade Road.

Me: Ah ok.

GS: Man, the babes that were with him! Oh my god, HOT!

Me: Hahaha… Yeah, he’s popular among the girls.

GS: Man, you should have seen them! Those babes! The hair! The legs! The clothes!

Me: Hahahaha!

GS: What I would do to get a girl like that! God, what great bodies they have!

Me: Hahahaha! By the way, you do realize that they were my brothers classmate?

GS: Yeah so?

Me: Ummmmmm, you know that my brother is still in school right? So yeah, they are all under 18… So..?

GS: Ummmmmm…. Errrr….

Me: Yeah, you peado perv…

GS: Oh wait! I was talking about the girls who were standing next to him! They were working women!

Me: Sure, why not? Peado! 😛



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