Bromance In Office

Lately there has been some complaints about the lack (lesser no.) of women in office. I wasn’t really paying attention until this happened.

VC and KD are always bickering in office. Like a married couple. This has to be the most epic thing VC has ever said.

VC: Dude! Why are you at my desk?

KD: I’m taking the empty seat here!

VC: No you can’t!

KD: Why not?

VC: Because I don’t like you!

KD: Whatever! I’m sitting here!

*KD takes the chair next to VC*

*VC pushes KD’s chair away*

KD: Dude! Stop pushing me!

*VC pushes him KD*

KD: Dude! Stop touching me!

VC: Why?

KD: I don’t like you touching me!

VC: You didn’t say anything when I touched you yesterday!

Me: Dafaq did you just say?

Everyone else in office: See! This is why we need more women in office!



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