My Car, My Rules!

While heading to dinner with SDM, I picked her up as her office was on the way.

*I pick her up*

Me: Hi!

SDM: Hi! Jeez! Why is your car so dirty?

Me: Errrrr, I’d just fired my cleaner and I haven’t had time to wash it. So it’s been kinda dirty.

SDM: It’s so dirty! I was so embarrassed to even enter it!

Me: Errrrr, ok. I’ll clean it this weekend!

SDM: Why do you wanna wait till the weekend?

Me: Cos I leave to office early in the morning and I come back pretty late. So I don’t have much time!

SDM: Excuses! Just take a bucket of water and do it in the evening!

Me: I go to the gym in the evening, after that I don’t have any energy.

SDM: Why are you giving so many excuses?

*My patience is running out by this point*

Me: I’m not giving any excuses! I really don’t have time!

SDM: Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag… Nag…!

*I’d had enough. I stop the car*

Me: That’s it! Get the f*** out of my car!

SDM: What? Now?

Me: Yes, right now. Get the f*** out of my car right this f***ing second!

SDM: But what did I do???

Me: Seriously?



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    • I would have. Unfortunately, there’s already a lot of violence against women in this country without me adding on to it.

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