Boy Or Girl, We Want A Marriage!

The topic of my marriage seems to be on everyone’s lips. Not exactly sure why, but everyone around me is more interested in getting me married than me.

Recently CR got married and so did another guy in my family friends circle and both of them are younger to me. At CR’s engagement ceremony, all the aunties caught hold of me. The aunties whom I know, are more shameless than roadside romeos.

Aunty #1: So dude, when are you getting married?

Mom: Married? He’s least interested. All he wants to do his loaf around with girls!

Me: Mom!

Aunty #2: That’s not good! You have to settle down!

Aunty #3: How old are you now!

Me: Only 26!

Aunty #1: CR and RD are both 25 and both of them are getting married later this month!

Me: So?

Aunty #2: So you should get married next year!

Aunty #3: Then we’ll have another fancy engagement party!

*All aunties high five each other*

Me: #FML!

Aunty #2: So do you have a girlfriend?

Me: Errrr… No…

Aunty #1: Or a girl in mind?

Me: Ummmmm, no….

Aunty #2: What is this? You need to start searching asap!

Me: Yeah yeah, soon!

Aunty #3: Fine, if not a girl, then any boyfriend?

Me: What!?

Aunty #1: It fine with us if you’re gay! We’re all cool with that!

Aunty #2: Yeah, we’ll still give a proper Bengali marriage as soon as we figure out who’s going to be the male and the female in the marriage!

*All aunties high five each other once again*

Me: Oh, lord. What fresh hell is this..!?


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