The Greatest Opportunity

My friend, HM messages me.


HM: Yo!

Me: ‘Sup?

HM: What’s the best example of an “once in a life opportunity”?

Me: What?

HM: A mosquito lands on your wife’s face. Never miss it! Hahahaha!

Me: Or…Or…Or….

HM: Or what?

Me: Or a mosquito that lands on a hot girls ass! Now that’s something you don’t wanna miss!

HM: Jeez! You have such a dirty mind!

Me: No way! I always believe that  if opportunity knocks, you should grab it with both hands!

HM: You need a girlfriend. Like real bad! 

Me: That’s why  you’re there, my PIMP!

HM: F*** off! Despo guy!




2 thoughts on “The Greatest Opportunity

    • HM is a friend of mine and this is an actual conversation I had with her. Infact, pretty much everything on my blog are excerpts from actual conversations. That’s why I don’t share my bog with my friends! 😀

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