The Call

I’d just quit my job and made an impulsive decision to go on a vacation to Goa. I took the first flight out to Goa the next morning. Since there wasn’t enough time to inform all the vendors that I’m no longer a part of my previous company, I was asked to keep in touch with them till the transition was complete.  During the vacation, I got a call from one such vendor.

Vendor: Hello sir!

Me: Hello.

Vendor: Sir, one payment is still pending. Please make that payment as soon as possible. 

Me: Ok sure. I’m actually on vacation now. I’ll get back to office next week and I’ll have that payment processed. 

Vendor: Oh ok. On a vacation, sir?

Me: Yes. 

Vendor: Where, sir?

Me: Goa. 

Vendor: Great sir! So any good news, sir?

Me: Errrrrr, no. I’m just taking a vacation. It was long overdue. 

Vendor: Oh ok. It’s fine. You said vacation, so I thought some good news. Never mind sir, you have a good time there. 

Me: Errrr… Ok…

Vendor: Bye, sir.

Me: Bye.

*I cut the call*

Me: What dafaq just happened? 



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