Scenes From NH7 Weekender Bangalore

Well, I had a blast last weekend. Coke Studio, Above and Beyond and NH7 Weekender. It was super fun.

So I came up with this when I was drunk and here it goes.

I give you:

Scenes From NH7 Weekender Bangalore


Day 1:

Day 1 was awesome. Or so I thought. It was pouring cats and dogs. It rained close to 145 mm on that day. So well, initially I was bummed, after the alcohol kicked it, I loved it.

The girls at Weekender.



Then it rained! 🙁



Things got better after the rain.



Then someone came up to me and asked me whether I wanted to jump in the mud along with him.



But I still had fun. Also, I met Dualist Inquiry. 😀


Day 2:
Day 2 was even better. Clear skies and all the stages were rearing to go.

I personally loved Skrat. They were giving away free T – shirts.



CG had a problem though.



Also, I might have kicked someone while trying catch a T – shirt.


Noisia was my pick of the day. Their beats were brutal.



Other acts were awesome too But since I’m drunk, I’m not going to write about it. I can hardly keeps my eyes open and someone is playing Duran Duran’s Ordinary World in the hall.

Anyhow, it didn’t rain on Sunday!



Also, I met the Okay Potato guy, P-Man Pereira.

Now it was time for FACEBOOK!


I’m just kidding. NH7 Weekender was EPIC!

See you next year!

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