Cause And Effect

I was out for dinner with my parents and our family friends circle. Since there are around eight of us who are of the same age, we usually sit on a different table. Mostly, so that we can talk crap and cuss and not worry about our parents overhearing us.

All of us generally chatting, when the conversation veered towards someone whom I detested. Let’s call him Moron. As the conversation progressed, I kept on getting more and more irritated at the mere mention of his name.

FF#1: Did you hear about Moron?

Me: What about him?

FF#1: He had just finished his Masters and he finished the top of his class. Now he’s got  a cushy job.

Me: Hmmmmm, good for him….

FF#1: Hahaha… Sounds like you’re jealous of him.

Me: I’m not JEALOUS of him. I just think that he’s an idiot.

FF#2: Why?

Me: Long story. I don’t wanna go into it. He’s got a bloated ego and he’s a douche bag.

FF#3: Tell us!

Me: No man.

FF#2: Why not? 

Me: Look, I don’t wanna talk about that Motherf***ing-C***-S***ing-Son-of-a-B****! Alright?

* The entire table was stunned with silence*

*I was impressed with myself, thought to myself – ‘I got good oratory skills!*

Me: So yeah. don’t talk to me about him.

FF#2: Errrrrrr, dude…. 

Me: What?

FF#3: Ummmmm, while you were going very liberal with your choice of words, your dad was standing over shoulders and was about to say something to you.


*I turned back, my dad had just got back to his table and was throwing dirty looks at me*

Me: Sh*t F***!

FF#1: That was EPIC!

FF#4: All the best dude, we’re all leaving now. 

Me: Yeah, I don’t think I’ll alive tomorrow.

All Of Them: Hahahaha! 



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