The Amazing Race!

We all have that one friend, who is competitive about everything. The types who are always eager to show that they have ‘been there and done that’, before it was popular? Well, my friend BP, takes the cake.

Scene #1

BP: Dude! That Al – Amanah Cafe is awesome! 

Me: Yeah, I know!

BP: Dude, after you showed me this place, I’ve stopped going to Empire for dinner!

Me: Same here man, I’ve stopped eating there too after I found this place. 

BP: I stopped eating at Empire even before I got to know about this place. Like five months back!

Me: Errrrrr….. Ok… Sure….


Scene #2

Me: Hey! Check out these psychedelic paints I got!

BP: Where’d you get them from?

Me: Psybabas!

BP: You know, I know the owner of that place!

Me: Me too!

BP: I had met him like two years back!

Me: Ummmmm, ok….

BP: Back then, I used to buy psychedelic paints from him! Then I stopped it because his paints were crap.

Me: Ummmmmm… Ok….

BP: Yeah man, I’ve been going there for years now!

Me: #facepalm


Scene #3

Me: Have you been to Anjuna?

BP: Yeah man! Been going there since college days!

Me: Me too! I love Curlies!

BP: Curlies is too commercial dude! Shiva Valley is better!

Me: Yeah that’s nice too!

BP: I used to go to Curlies before it became popular man… Back then they used to play good music, not commercial like today.

Me: Errrrr… Ok…

BP: Yeah man… I’ve been around that scene for while now man….

Me: Sure…. Whatever makes you happy!



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