This is a compilation, since these are all one liners.


Scene #1: Talking to a new colleague

Me: Hey! Found your way to the office fine?

Him: Yeah! It’s very easy. I saw the route on Google Maps.

Me: Oh cool.

Him: I didn’t know that Bangalore is like America!

Me: Huh..? What?

Him: Yeah, see it’s all blocks and crosses! 1st Block..2nd Block…1st Cross..2nd Cross.. ┬áJust like in America!

Me: Errrrr….Sure…




Scene #2: I’m at a mobile shop

Me: Hey! Do you have a screen guard for the Nexus 4?

Shop Guy: Which model is this?

Me: Errrr… Nexus 4.

Shop Guy: Huh? Show me the phone!

Me: Here.

*I give him my phone*

*He fiddles around it for 5 mins! I swear he was looking for porn*

Shop Guy: Oh.. This model is Nexus 4.

Me: No sh*t!




Scene #3: Me asking my crush out

Me: Hey…. I was wondering, if you wanna go out with me..?

Girl: Yeah! Sure! Where?

Me: Errrrr…. Nevermind!



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