Girls! Girls! Girls!

VT and I used to be thick as thieves. We’ve lost contact over the past few years, but while we were still in college, we’d used to have a blast gossiping.

One such occasion, our gossip session veered towards a common friend of ours, RJ – who’s a well known radio jockey with one of the more popular radio channels in Chennai.

VT: Man, have you heard?

Me: Heard what?

VT: RJ is the new radio jockey at blah blah FM.

Me: Yeah… I read that in the papers!

VT: Can’t believe that b*tch is now famous!

Me: Hahaha..Why?

VT: That flat-chested, tomboy female.

Me: Chill!

VT: You know, there’s an age when girls stop becoming tomboyish and start doing girly things like make up and stuff. But not her! She continued being a tomboy! She’s got no boobs!

Me: Hahahaha… My friend met her recently, he was telling me that she’s got a nice pair now.

VT: Lies! All lies! She’s probably stuffed her t-shirt with socks!

Me: Hahahaha! No way!

VT: Dude! I’ll know. All girls know it when it’s fake! She’s as flat as a flat screen tv!

Me: Dude…. You know, you too fall into that category… Just saying…

VT: Yeah so? I’m pretty, I dress well and I’m girly! So it’s fine!

Me: Hahahaha…. Totally!



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