All Men Are The Same!

I get call from my friend HM, who was in town for the weekend.

HM: Hello!

Me: Hey! Wassup?

HM: I’m in Bangalore sweetie!

Me: That’s awesome! What are you doing later this evening?

HM: Just waiting to paint the town red with you!

Me: Sexy! When did you get here?

HM: Day before yesterday!

Me: Oh ok.. Been a while huh? What you been upto?

HM: Nothing much… Just been to a few clubs with my friend SD and her fiance. 

Me: Is SD that hot Bengali chick?

HM: Yeah! How did you know?

Me: I might have stalked her on Facebook. 😉 

HM: Hahahaha. How desperate are you? 

Me: But damn, she’s engaged huh?

HM: Yup! She’s off the market! So look somewhere else!

Me: Sigh… Yeah…. I was thinking of asking you to give me an intro to her!

HM: Uh…Huh.. What am I, a matchmaker?

Me: The word you’re looking for is – Pimp. P-I-M-P!

HM: Yeah..Yeah…

Me: SD is hot man. Gorgeous! Graceful! I mean, she’s perfect!

HM: Wow! You are actually dreaming about my friend while I’m waiting for you to take me out!

Me: Hahaha…Chill… I’m just pulling your leg!

HM: NO! You’re actually more interested in her than me! All you men are the same!

Me: Hahahaha…Right….

HM: Yes! All you men are CHAUVINISTIC PIGS! All of you!

Me: Well, who asked you to try them all? 😛

HM: F*** off!



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