That’s My Daughter!

CG: Hey!

Me: What?

CG: Wanna go to that Marwari store and pick up groceries?

Me: Sure…

*On the way*

CG: I find the shopkeeper’s daughter cute. Don’t you think she’s cute?

Me: I suppose so….

CG: I’m gonna chat with her today.

Me: Go for it!

CG: Awwwright!

*We reach the store*

Me: We need rice, milk, bread and some chocolates. Here’s some money.

CG: You aren’t coming?

Me: Nah, don’t wanna kill your charm.

CG: Yes, good. Wish me luck!

Me: You got it!

*After 15 mins*

Me: How’d it go?

CG: Not too good.

Me: Why? What happened?

CG: The entire family was in the shop. Her mom, sister and her father.

Me: Damn….

CG: You wanna know something funny?

Me: What?

CG: The mom and the sisters, all look alike.

Me: Ok and..?

CG: No resemblance to the father.

Me: Uh huh….

CG: What did he contribute to their genes?

Me: I dunno….

CG: Maybe she’s good at maths. That’s the father’s contribution.

Me: Oh…God…  #facepalm



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