I’m #1 Baby, So Why Try Harder?

On a Friday night.

Me: Yo MS!

MS: Yeah?

Me: Hey, why don’t you make some ice tea? We’re gonna have some company over.

MS: Yeah man, that’s a good idea!

*MS makes some ice tea and hands me a glass*

Me: Uuggh!  What’s this?

MS: It’s not good?

Me: God! It’s awful! It tastes like water!

MS: Oops! I think I got the proportion wrong!

Me: No shit! It’s ice tea man! It’s ice-f***ing-tea! There are two components in ice tea! 1) Ice tea powder 2) Water!

MS: Yeah, I messed up!

Me: No shit! 

MS: Jeez…! Chill! It’s just ice tea!

Me: Just ice tea? You *******************************************************************************!

MS: Whoa! We’ve got a potty mouth here! 


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