A Match Made In Heaven

SP calls me up.

SP: Hey!

Me: Wassup?

SP: Do you know how to work on Photoshop?

Me: A little bit, yeah.

SP: I need a favor.

Me: Uh huh….

SP: Please! It’s for a client, I need to create an invitation, based on a football theme.

Me: What’s in it for me?

SP: Ummmm, if you do this for me, I’ll get a you a date with my cousin!

Me: Where does she stay?

SP: Bangalore!

Me: Go on….

SP: Oh yeah, if you help me out with this, I’ll set you up with my cousin!

Me: Show me her pic!

SP: Sure!

*She sends me over pics of her cousin*

Me: Interesting… What if she says no?

SP: Don’t worry about it! She owes me a favor. She’ll oblige. 

Me: I see… Alright, you’ve got yourself  a deal!

*I did the project for her*

*After a few days*

SP: Yay! The client loved it!

Me: And…..?

SP: Yeah….,yeah…, I remember..

Me: Awesomeness!

*After a month*

SP: Hey! Wassup?

Me: Waiting for you to set me up with your cousin…

SP: Ummmmm, how about a cute Iranian chick from Bangalore?

Me: Not interested!

SP: C’mon! She’s a hair stylist! Imagine, all the free haircuts!

Me: I’m more into Indian women…

SP: Ok.. Bye!

Me: Wait! This ain’t over!

*After another month*

SP: Wassup?

Me: Thinking how you played me and got me to do your project..

SP: Look, I’m sorry..

Me: Whatever…

SP: Fine…The reason, I didn’t set you up with my cousin is because you’re a nice guy and if my cousin took a liking towards you, she’d like to settle down with you. All that is fine with me, but when she realizes that the reason I set you up with her was due to a favor, she’d make my life hell….

Me: Say what…?

SP: Yeah! You would have ended up as my brother-in-law and my cousin would have hated me because I played you! She’d torture me till I die.

Me: Errrrrr….

SP: Would you like that? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Me: Ummmmmm….

SP: Would you like to see me tortured! And spoil my relationship with my cousin?

Me: Never mind….

SP: Exactly! 



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