Lick Your Wounds

During the winter season, I get dry skin. And when I get dry skin, I tend to itch. I scratch so bad that I end up drawing blood.

Anyways, there are some people for whom it’s excruciating to watch other people scratch themselves.  (Not the Itch Guard type of scratching. That disgusts everyone)

Location: My flat.

Characters: PBA and I.

Scene: He’s talking and I’m itching.


PBA: Blah blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah.

Me: Uh huh.. (scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..).

PBA: Blah blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah.

Me: Uh huh.. (scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..).

PBA: Dude! Stop that! It’s irritating! 

Me: What is?

PBA: Your scratching! Why are you scratching your arm so much?

Me: Dry skin.

PBA: Don’t you moisturize? 

Me: I do but I guess it’s worn off through the day.

PBA: Hmmm.. Try a oil massage before bath.

Me: Good idea.

PBA: Though there is a home remedy you could try.

Me: What’s that?

PBA: You could try licking the areas that itch.

Me: Say what?

PBA: Yeah man, lick those areas. Our saliva contains medicinal properties. It’ll heal your skin.

Me: Errrrrr.. That’s creepy… Like Goldmember

PBA: No man! It’s true! Hence the phrase “To lick one’s own wounds”.

Me: Errrrr.. No thanks. I’ll pass. 


9 thoughts on “Lick Your Wounds

  1. lick thy wound?….oil massage? You are now officially ranting more than creating humour, fulfilling the purpose of your blog. And by officially I mean ‘ I am that official !’ The last week’s poll, I mean seriously?
    Never mind, I will never give up hope on you dude, my 2nd idol after charlie sheen. 😀 😀 Seriously, 😀

  2. Yes. You should stop scratching. At my old workplace, there was this female who was always scratching. And I do mean ALWAYS scratching. Looking at her, I used to get depressed.

      • Try to talk to a person about something important and see them scratching away. Their attention is always on the scratching and not on what you are saying. And this is irritating. After certain level of irritation, you start getting angry but as you can’t stop that person from scratching away your life, it becomes depressing. Shall I go into more details or is this enough? 😛 😛 😛 😛

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