Classic Misdirection – 2

Thank god for misdirections! I’ve lost count, the number of times, I had to use one to get out of an awkward conversation.

I was at a friends wedding and I happen to ran into an old friend, PIC. A bit of a background info: I had a friends circle which had PIC, PIC’s brother and another friend of mine, TM. PIC’s brother and TM were dating at that time. After they broke up, we all took sides and I sided with TM, hence losing contact with PIC and his brother over the last two years. Also his IQ is lower than Steve Carell in Anchorman : The Legend Of Ron Burgundy.

He managed to corner me at the wedding, the conversation ranging from work, life, relationships and so on. Then the conversation started drifting towards his brother and his break up with TM (the break up was hilarious, in my opinion).

PIC: Hey, so you still in touch with TM?

Me: Yeah, we’re still in touch. 

PIC: That’s nice. You know, I missing hanging out with the old gang.

Me: Hmmmm, yeah, me too…. 

PIC: TM and I used to be good friends, you know. 

Me: Uh huh….

PIC: In fact, I introduced her to my brother..

Me: Yeah…

PIC: I dunno what went wrong. After their break up, she cut all contacts with me as well.

Me: Yeah, I know.

PIC: I can’t believe she could do that! I mean we were close man. 

Me: People move on, you should do the same.

PIC: I’ll tell you what, when we get back to Bangalore, why don’t the three of us go out? Just like old times!

Me: Errrrrr, I’m kinda busy these days….(TM hates the brothers, btw). 

PIC: C’mon man! For old times sake! 

Me: Hey! Have you noticed that the bride has got a tattoo on her left boob?!

PIC: Huh? Really?

Me: Yeah, see there!

PIC: Oh yeah..!

Me: Ok, gotta go. Nice meeting you!

PIC: Where you….. 

*I escaped! Like a boss*


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