Trolled! – 2

Chatting with my friend, PBA.

PBA: Yo! 

Me: What?

PBA: What’s this party thing I’ve been hearing about?

Me: Yeah man, next weekend house party at my place.

PBA: Oh cool! What’s the occasion?

Me: Like you need another reason to drink?

PBA: True that! Anyways, you’ll take care of the booze?

Me: Yeah right! Who do you think I am? Vijay Mallya

PBA: Hahaha! So, BYOB? (Bring your own booze)

Me: Yup!

PBA: And BYOG as well? 😛 (Bring your own girl)

Me: Well, you can get other’s girls too! You know, sharing is caring! 

PBA: Yeah right! Despo bugger!

Me: Yeah, you didn’t think that through, did you? 

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