Lost In Translation

Meet my friend, OD. She’s 26, slim, gorgeous and is super smart (she’s a doctoral candidate at one of the top institutes in the country). Well, the only thing that she lacks, is self respect when it comes to relationships. She broke up with her last boyfriend about a year back, but she keeps on going back to him, hoping that things would work out. But it’s the same story every time, she wants commitment from him and he’s commitment phobic.

Anyhow, she comes to me for advice, though she doesn’t take any of it. Food for thought, have you noticed that the people who give the best relationship advice are single? Just saying.

*She calls me up at midnight*

Me: Hey! Wassup?

OD: Not good! I met him again. 

Me: Why? Why? Why? 

OD: I don’t know. I can’t forget him so easily! 

Me: Move on! It’s been a year! 

OD: I know. But there’s something about him. Keeps on pulling me back towards him. 

Me: It’s just gas. Move on, stop thinking about him and yeah, did I mention move on?

OD: Hmmmm, I gotta confess something.

Me: Go on.

OD: I did something, after meeting him last week. 

Me: Uh huh…

OD: I couldn’t help myself. I was in a weak spot. I couldn’t stop myself and it happened. 

Me: Lord. I hope it was just that one time.

OD: Ummmm, no. Every other night since I met him. It just happens. I can’t help myself. I try to stop myself, but I start thinking about him and the next I know, I’m doing it already!

Me: Woman, get a hold on yourself!

OD: I’m trying. I can’t help myself. It happens! 

Me: And how would sleeping with your ex everyday solve that?

OD: What?! Sleeping? Who said anything about sleeping? I was talking about crying! I’ve been crying every night since I met him!   

Me: Errrrr, Ok. 

OD: C’mon! I’m saving myself for marriage! You know that!

Me: That’s what you say now….

OD: What?

Me: Nothing nothing. This conversation was very funny. 


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