In Your Face!

I get a call from the Airtel customer care. The guy on the other end was really curt and was being a d*ck to me for no reason.

Airtel Guy: Sir, this is to inform you that currently you have subscribed to both paper bill and e-bill.

Me: Yes, I’m aware of that.

Airtel Guy: As per our go green initiative, you can receive your bill only in one way. So please choose. You cannot receive both.

*All this was said in a very condescending tone*

Me: I was called six months back and I’ve already informed you guys that I want to discontinue the paper bill. You guys haven’t done. So please get that done. 

*I replied very curtly*

Airtel Guy: Sorry to hear that, sir. I shall process your request right away.

*He sounded anything but apologetic*

Airtel Guy: Is there anything else I can help you out with?

Me: Yeah, you could pull your head out of your ass. 

*I muttered under my breath*

Airtel Guy: Sorry sir? 

Me: Nothing. That will be all.

Airtel Guy: Thank you for contacting Airtel customer care.

Me: Go suck your own c*** like Jon Jeremy did. 

Airtel Guy: Pardon me? 

*I cut the call. Like a baws*


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