Dude, Seriously?

CG loves my music playlist.

CG: Dude!

Me: What?

CG: Your music collection is awesome. Where do you find these songs?

Me: I have an awesome taste in music. What else can I say?

CG: Dude, c’mon!

Me: I swear man. Think about about it. 

CG: Riiiiiight…..

Me: Fine. Don’t believe me. 

CG: Dude! Don’t be a d*ck! 

Me: Fine! You really wanna know?


Me: There’s a hole in my heart since there’s no one who loves me truly. In order to fill that empty void in my heart, I immerse myself in music. I fill that void with music. Good, soulful, beautiful music. 

CG: Dafaq is wrong with you?!! 


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