An Ode To No One…

I’m in a very melancholic mood today. So I’d thought I’ll post something different from my usual rant.

This is something, I wrote for someone I used to know.



It felt like heaven, when you were around me.

I don’t know, what those few days we spent together have done to me.

Getting over you was the last thing I wanted,

And even when I tried to, you didn’t let me.

Every time I close my  eyes, to think of some happy moments,

All I see, is you……


I shall go back to listening to some music. Bryan Adams is the favorite for the day. Man, that guy can sing.



7 thoughts on “An Ode To No One…

  1. distant brothers .. looks like … me to Brian Adam pankha … hello again my old monk friend from Bangalore .. humour 365 days an year is incredibly impossible … even we have a heart aint it ??? well.. do the listening … will not bug you .. remain melancholy till another rant knocks your brains and forces you to be public :D

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