What Have You Been Smoking Bro?

CG, My Bro and I were heading to a concert on a Saturday night. Bangalore is notorious for traffic snarls and today was no exception. While we waited for the traffic to move, this what happened.

Me: Man, I hate traffic jams!

CG: I don’t think anyone likes them.

Me: Don’t be such a┬ásmart-ass!

CG: Uh huh….

Bro: Imagine if we had hover-cars! Like in The Jetsons!

Me: Yeah! That’d be awesome! We could fly everywhere!

Bro: No more traffic jams! Everyone will be flying!

CG: Guys, if everyone’s going to be flying, then won’t there be traffic snarls in the sky too?

Me: Errrr…

CG: See, if everyone could fly, then there would still be traffic signals in the sky and we’ll still be stuck in traffic jams.

Bro: Hmmmm… Point. Wait! What if we could pass through cars? Imagine that!

Me: Oh yeah! It’ll be flawless! We could pass through any car! It’s perfect! Problem solved!

Bro: Yeah we could travel anywhere at top speed and not worry about crashing

Me: Awesome!

CG: What dafaq have you guys been smoking?

the fuck is wrong with you

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