Do The Sherlock!

Lately, CG, MS and I have been watching a lot of BBC’s Sherlock and oh boy, we’re in love with Sherlock. During one of our routine trips to our favorite microbrewery in the city, we noticed a middle aged gentleman sitting near our table along with a kid. After a couple of pints, CG suggested that we do some Sherlock style analyzing and come with a profile.

CG: Alright! Lets do the Sherlock!  

Me: Awwwright!

CG: Man – Middle aged. Married. That explains the kid. 

Me: Absolutely! The kid is roughly three years old. So probably it’s a recent marriage.

CG: He’s wearing shorts. So he’s probably a regular here. He knows the dress code, et all. 

Me: He’s got a toned body. Must be a regular at a gym.

CG: Yeah, seems like a fitness freak. He’s eating a salad. 

Me: He’s got an iPad. Must have a well paying job.

CG: Yup! He’s got an iPhone too! 

Me: The wife’s not here. Probably travelling. 

CG: Makes sense. But why would a guy bring his three year old kid to a pub?

Me: Wait! They might be divorced. Which mom would go on a vacation leaving behind a three year old kid? 

CG: I don’t see a ring on his finger. I think you’re right!

Me: Look at the kid. That guy is letting her play with the iPad. He’s not too concerned about her smearing the screen with food. Looks like he’s overlooking that because he doesn’t want to scold her! 

CG: Because he gets to spend only a limited time with her! Makes sense!

Me: The kid’s being fussy and he’s letting her get away with it. Yup, divorced dad who’s spending some quality time with his daughter. 

CG: Awesome! It all fits now! A middle aged,  well to do executive spending some time with his daughter. We’re so AWESOME!

 Me: Oh yeah! High Five!

*High fives are exchanged*

A few minutes later, a similarly dressed gentleman, though more effeminate looking, walks in. He goes to the same table as the middle aged guy, hugs him and they exchange kisses. After that he picks ups the kid and places her on his lap. The kid hugs him back and says ‘Daddy!’.

CG: Well, we didn’t think of that.

Me: Yeah, that was a possibility. Damn, we’re not smart after all. 

CG: Maybe, it’s the beer? 

MS: No shit, geniuses!


3 thoughts on “Do The Sherlock!

  1. Let me do a sherlock on you- (and if you find it offensive, then..I have done my job 😀 )
    You must be 24-27 year old male. Age because of your job description and you are unmarried but are still in touch with your parents! Male..because…just a wild guess 😀
    You have decent office job, and you are girlfriendless and possibly gay . And you don’t drink as much as you claim to be.
    Explanation-you are in bangalore and every third person in banglore has a decent job. Gfless coz you spent hours in office and gay bcos you are obsessed with CG and the other roomammate !
    ANd if you had been drinking so much as you claim to then you would have probably been fired from your job long ago!
    Want more? LOL 😀 😛 (Maybe it isn’t as funny as I had it in my mind )

    • Jeez, sherlock much? 😛

      I saw your comment while I was on my way to Gokarna. I thought I should reply asap but then the connectivity was BAD (3G, my ass) and well, it got pushed down on my to do list.
      Now that I’m back, I shall reply to you point format.

      You must be 24-27 year old male – Maybe 😉
      You are unmarried – Duh! Marriage is overrated!
      You are still in touch with your parents – Who isn’t?
      Male – Duh! It’s called diary of a whiny guy! Not girl! 😛
      You have decent office job – Yeah sure… 😛
      You are girlfriendless – Seesh, do you have to point that out? 🙁
      Possibly gay – OMG! Just because I write about CG and MS, doesn’t make me gay 😛 Can’t guys be bros without being gay for each other? 😛 It’s like calling movies Like Zindagi Na Mili Dobara, Dil Chatha Hai so on, so forth,gay movies 😛
      Drinking – Hahaha, do you want me show you videos to convince you? 😛 And besides I don’t drink on the job, that would get me fired! 😛

      Muahahahahahaha! 😛

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