My name is…. Well that doesn’t matter. You can call me M or The Dude (depending on whether you like James Bond or The Big Lebowski). I’m in my mid twenties and college educated (every tom, dick and harry in India is an engineer). I live in Bangalore, India and I work in a small company which might close down any minute. I also have a boss who is a combination of Hilter and Caligula, thus the plot thickens.

Like every guy, I have women related problems (unless you are gay, then you just have men to deal with), have parents who wonder when I’m going to make it big in life and sponsor them a cruise to Hawai.

So here it is, I’m a young guy (not so young), with a minimum paying job and has women problem. How original!

Nevertheless, I hope everyone has a blast reading my blog.

Note: Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental (I do have have a tendency to exaggerate)

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hey M / Dude whatever you prefer 🙂
    well, i started reading your blog yesterday, i dn know how and from which link i reached here…
    after reading a few posts, i just wanted to read them all.
    so i started from the latest one, and here i am.

    you are doing a great job here 😛
    i am really gonna stalk you, sorry your posts. 🙂

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